3 Ways to Get Your Kids Talking

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Talking

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Have you ever had trouble communicating with your kids? Does your son or daughter seem to clam up sometimes? I want to share with you three quick ways to get your kids talking.



Stop Talking! – For some people that, alone, is the issue. Jabberjaw comes out in you and you dominate the conversation. Have you ever considered that your child doesn’t talk much BECAUSE YOU DO?Take a breather. Seriously. Pause. Take a breath. And stay silent.


Silence is really, really hard for some folks. But sometimes it is necessary. You might have to wait. Wait. WAIT. And it will get painfully uncomfortable. You are going to have the desire to try and elicit your kiddo to say something. But just wait. Sometimes that’s all the kid needs….an opportunity to speak.


Relax– First off, you’ve gotta relax. Next, you need to be the one to help your child relax. You have to realize any number of things could be effecting your kid. The pressure of being put on the spot, stress and anxiety of life issues, whether at home, or at school, could be something that is clamming your kid up.



Brainstorm– Maybe your kid just has a mental block. How often has that happened to you in life? For me….a BUNCH. Maybe you can through out two or three topics for your kid to talk about. Maybe you need a conversation starter. Do a google search for kid conversation starters. Here is one with 100 questions to ask you kids. Amazon sells one for families of faith called Gabbit. I’ve used it and my kids loved it. You’ll find a bunch to get you started. Remember don’t answer for your child. Let them think and respond when given enough  time.


I hope this helps. Share your ideas on how to get kids talking in the comment section below.

Here is a link to Gabbit if you are interested:






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I CAN’T Shop Without My Kids

I CAN’T Shop Without My Kids

How Dad Does Life String Cheese


I hear people, all the time, state that they can’t shop when their kids are with them. I’ve got the opposite problem, so I realized recently. I learned that I can’t shop WITHOUT my kids.

So I jet over to the grocery store to pick up a few items one afternoon. I only need to get a few things on this trip. I pick up some bananas. I grab some apples. I nab a container of pimento cheese. Toss a loaf of bread in my basket.

And then I start looking for a package of string cheese. You know what I’m talking about, right? The individual tubes of cheese where you pull off little strips of “string cheese.” Of course! Well, I am standing right in front of the section for, like, two minutes (a long time!). I can’t find the normal brand that we get.

I start to get a bit frustrated, when I slow myself down and think to myself, “Okay, why are you having such a difficult time with this? Why the mind block?”

Then it occurs to me. I couldn’t find what I was looking for because I didn’t see the package with the blasted cartoon on it! CARTOON!

My kids would have realized that immediately. Not me. Of course not.

A couple things to address:

  1. My apologies to those of you that judge me because I buy something because it has a cartoon on it. Or a prize in it. I didn’t grow up, I guess. Those are still THE BEST kind of foods to buy.
  2. I need my kids. More than I realize. I love being with them. They are a delight to me.

Sure shopping with three kiddos can be wild. But it can be awesome too. There have been a few times where shopping with them has been less than fun. But, honestly, most of the time it is awesome!

When I take my boys shopping, they know it isn’t just shopping.

It is an adventure!

Shopping cart races, getting the free samples together, going to the toy section for a few minutes, looking at the lobster tank, making the automatic lights come on in the freezer section. What is not to love about shopping with kids?!?

That’s the best way to live life. On an adventure. I hope I never change from that philosophy of thinking. I hope my boys carry that with them as they grow and have families as well.




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