Cheetos Museum…because it’s not easy being cheesy

Cheetos Museum…because it’s not easy being cheesy

Cheetos launched an online “museum” of actual Cheetos that look like “art.” If you’ve ever taken a look at a Cheeto, you’ve probably imagined it being a baseball bat or a tiny sword. For the extra creative people in the world, they see much more.

The Cheetos Museum is a user-submitted museum where viewers can pick their favorite submission. Winners actually get prizes…big money prizes. As in $10,000 prizes.

This is a great way to get your kids thinking in creative ways. It should turn out to be a fun and funny time together imagining all the possibilities.

Or maybe you are just bored out of your mind and have nothing better to do.

Either way head on over to the Cheetos Museum.

cheetos museum on How Dad Does Life


Cheetos on How Dad Does Life


Travel Dinosaurs

Travel Dinosaurs

I ran across this image of travel dinosaurs online recently.

What a fantastic idea!


Life is all about making something out of the mundane. -Chris Young

Whoever took this picture encouraged their kids to make an adventure out of everything they do. That, my friend, is how to get your kids to look forward to each and every day that life holds for us.

I encourage you to take a different perspective with living. View people in a different light. Try something new. Maybe even take a dinosaur with you on your way to work.

A Better World for My Family

A Better World for My Family

I need this.

For my sons. For me.

I’ve started this blog to focus on what is important in this world. Nothing is more important than my kids. I want the best for them. They deserve the best. So here I am.

Looking forward I plan on chronicling some of the best ideas on the web for families, some of the most hilarious pictures, videos, and stories that will make you pee in your pants, and I also intend to share some of my story, which is incredible (because it includes my family) and incredibly heart-breaking at the same time. That’s life, isn’t it? I bet you can relate because that is real life.

No matter what, I hope to be an encouragement to you and your family as you try to be the best dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandparent that you might possibly be. I want to make a better world for my family and I am sure you want to do so too.

I look forward to engaging with you as you pursue your adventure with your family as well.




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